This is why I blog…

I have always been a thinker, and a very independent one at that. Random thoughts, movie dialogues, quirky quotes, personal opinions, new words, useless trivia (this is probably a redundancy) and meaningless observations fill my mind to overflowing on a daily basis. I have often felt like pulling my hair out ‘til my roots scream to silence my mind for even just a split second. Of course, the thought of having several red, icky, bald spots as my hubby and I walk hand-in-hand in the mall freezes my fingers mid-air every time.

It is, therefore, not a chore for me to wait in line at a slow cashier or sit on a rock facing the ocean ‘til the moss start growing on my legs because thoughts can fill my mind and entertain me for hours.

However, I also silently voice out pretty strong views, observations and unsolicited advice and opinions so often and all but rage inside because of the strong urge to just blurt them all out and set things straight. Of course, this is not always expedient and more often than not, the less said, the better. And since I was never into writing (by hand!) in journals and diaries, my mind just simmered with all these thoughts.

So you see, blogging could not have come at a better time for me.

To be able to write down, rather, type, all my thoughts freely – no rules, no standards and no censures – is a haven of rest for my sometimes weary mind. To be able to experiment with new words and new ways of expressing my thoughts and ideas is an exciting exercise; much like stretching out muscles I never even knew existed! To have my articles in a blog read, appreciated, and even quoted, is a balm to my aching soul. And to be able to do all these in a cyber-venue that is very simple to use, update and design is a bonus I simply cannot resist!

I could be anywhere at any time and still have access to my blog site. This is true writing without borders! And for someone like me who sometimes experiences the oft denied “memory gap”, blogging is the best way to keep those elusive details fresh. All I need is my handy laptop, an electrical outlet and a relatively peaceful place to sit and write.

A new and ever-growing community of bloggers also exists worldwide to inspire and even challenge writers like me to persevere and pursue our passions without a moment’s hesitation. I have nothing to lose but everything to gain whenever I make the most of every opportunity to be heard; to be read through my blog.

It behooves me, therefore, to write responsibly. And that’s okay. I can be both passionate and responsible with the freedom I am given in cyberspace.

Blogging can be an ally or a foe. It’s really up to me, and I’m happier knowing that blogging is a worthy friend to me.


Too late for Twilight?

In just a few short months, the Twilight Saga’s Eclipse will be in movie theaters and fans will be risking life and limb to secure premiere tickets. I can’t say I blame them. I’m forty years old and I’m a fan! Do I hear some not-so-subtle comments and poisoned darts flying at me? C’mon, cut me some slack and hear me out.

I’m not here to review the books or the movies. It did puzzle me, though, that I would actually be into this whole saga. Like I said earlier, I’m 40 years old and way past (or so I thought) the teeny-bopper stage that goes gaga over handsome and hunky teen idols. I was also never into vampire stories because I found them to be too gory and depressing. The romance in them didn’t work for me either because fangs, blood-red eyes, claws and coffins were hardly turn-ons. Ugh!

Stephanie Meyer, the brilliant author (if I may say so) of the Twilight Saga, found the perfect formula to lure me into her make-believe world of mythical creatures. She wrote a classic romance, added a love triangle, spiced it up with both internal and external conflict, jazzed it up with highly interesting, not to mention, incredibly good-looking characters, and iced it with the forever-after (literally) we all wish for in our own romances.

I’m married to my best friend 11 years now, and I never get tired of re-living our romance in our life now, in my mind and in my sleep! I’m a sucker for a good romance and the Twilight Saga did not fail me. So, you see, it’s not too late for me yet. I think I will always appreciate a great romance way into my sixties! My hubby so generously gave me the first two books on our anniversary, and I now have all four books. I cannot wait for Eclipse to be out and I made my hubby promise me movie tickets that will allow me to see the movie twice in a row.

An added plus? I get to relate with our many younger friends who are so into this craze, while also exchanging notes and observations  and how they relate to us in our present lives. And, no, I am not justifying my fondness for all that’s Twilight — I don’t need to. I’m in my mid-life stage and I’m enjoying the “twilight” while I’m at it.