Going Back To Childlike Playfulness

Beach 3Yes, that’s me in my “professional” frisbee-catching” pose. Of course, there’s a nice trick to this.

Anyway, this awesome photo was taken again by my husband. You can see more of his photos in his Instagram account. This particular photo was from our October 2017 visit in Bagasbas, Daet.

Every time I see water, especially the beach, I go bananas! I feel like a “fish out of water”, so I need to get into the water – ASAP! My childlike playfulness button is pressed and I feel the freedom and carefree disposition of a child at play.

At 48, I still enjoy my childhood game of frisbee. I used to be so good at it when I was in my early teens, that I unintentionally drove away my guy playmates in our neighborhood. Were they threatened by a girl? So, I ended up having to wait many years later – around 20 years later – to be able to find someone to play frisbee with — my hubby.

I now suffer from an “unstable lumbar” and a mis-aligned spine plate somewhere, after a bad fall from the skateboard (which I was also very good at in my tweens), also last October, in the same place, a day later. So, goodbye high jumps — sigh.

So while we all can, while our health permits, let us rekindle our childlikeness. We have everything to gain from this as we leave our worries behind for just a moment, and experience “true reality” – the reality that restores our heart and soul.

I believe it’s time to play again. See you again in my next blog!





There’s hope if you can…


Back in the day, we, Filipinos were very good in English, both written and verbal. English tutorial centers were unheard of and even the smallest business sign in the most rural part of town was correctly spelled and grammatically correct. I would be pleasantly surprised to meet garage workers and street vendors who spoke good English and could give present-day call center applicants a run for their money.

It’s obviously a different story nowadays. English is not even a second language anymore — it is a completely foreign language. There is a sad proliferation of grammatically erroneous signs, menus, printed announcements and promotional materials. It’s tragic, really, considering these go through the editing board.

As an online buyer and seller, I encounter too many “English” terms and phrases that cause my eyes to bleed out of their sockets. If you can spot what’s wrong, then there’s hope for us.

1. For rent, newly build house…

2. Large salas, spacious dinning room…

3. For sale, used guitar in prestine condition…

4. Garage sale: appliances, furnitures, restaurant equipments…

5. Rare model. Value for the money. I almost did not used this for I have many guitars.

6.  Still in good condition with complete in box.
7. The built in sequencer can have you up and recording songs in a short time
8. First come, first serve basis only.
9. (from a song…) “Today I swear I’m not doin’ anything; I just wanna lay in my bed…”
There are more of these — too many! Maybe I can post them next time.

Class Debate On Faith


An Atheist Professor of Philosophy speaks to his Class on the Problem Science has with GOD, the ALMIGHTY.

He asks one of his New Christian Students to stand and . . .

Professor : You are a Christian, aren’t you, son ?
Student : Yes, sir.
Professor : So you Believe in GOD ?
Student : Absolutely, sir.
Professor : Is GOD Good ?
Student : Sure.
Professor : Is GOD ALL – POWERFUL ?
Student : Yes.
Professor : My Brother died of Cancer even though he Prayed to GOD to Heal him.

Most of us would attempt to help others who are ill.

But GOD didn’t.

How is this GOD good then? Hmm?

( Student is silent )

Professor : You can’t answer, can you ?

Let’s start again, Young Fella.

Is GOD Good?
Student : Yes.
Professor : Is Satan good ?
Student : No.
Professor : Where does Satan come from ?
Student : From . . . GOD . . .
Professor : That’s right.

Tell me son, is there evil in this World?
Student : Yes.
Professor : Evil is everywhere, isn’t it ?

And GOD did make everything. Correct?
Student : Yes.
Professor : So who created evil ?

(Student does not answer)

Professor : Is there Sickness? Immorality? Hatred? Ugliness?

All these terrible things exist in the World, don’t they?
Student : Yes, sir.
Professor : So, who Created them ?

( Student has no answer )

Professor : Science says you have 5 Senses you use to Identify and Observe the World around you.

Tell me, son . . . Have you ever Seen GOD?
Student : No, sir.
Professor : Tell us if you have ever Heard your GOD?
Student : No , sir.
Professor : Have you ever Felt your GOD, Tasted your GOD, Smelt your GOD?

Have you ever had any Sensory Perception of GOD for that matter?
Student : No, sir. I’m afraid I haven’t.
Professor : Yet you still Believe in HIM?

Student : Yes.
Professor : According to Empirical, Testable, Demonstrable Protocol, Science says your GOD doesn’t exist.

What do you say to that, son?
Student : Nothing. I only have my Faith.
Professor : Yes, Faith. And that is the Problem Science has.
Student : Professor, is there such a thing as Heat?
Professor : Yes.
Student : And is there such a thing as Cold?
Professor : Yes.
Student : No sir. There isn’t.

( The Lecture Theatre becomes very quiet with this turn of events )

Student : Sir, you can have Lots of Heat, even More Heat, Superheat, Mega Heat, White Heat,

a Little Heat or No Heat.

But we don’t have anything called Cold.

We can hit 458 Degrees below Zero which is No Heat, but we can’t go any further after that.

There is no such thing as Cold.

Cold is only a Word we use to describe the Absence of Heat.

We cannot Measure Cold.

Heat is Energy.

Cold is Not the Opposite of Heat, sir, just the Absence of it.

( There is Pin – Drop Silence in the Lecture Theatre )

Student : What about Darkness, Professor? Is there such a thing as Darkness?
Professor : Yes. What is Night if there isn’t Darkness?
Student : You’re wrong again, sir.

Darkness is the Absence of Something

You can have Low Light, Normal Light, Bright Light, Flashing Light . . .

But if you have No Light constantly, you have nothing and its called Darkness, isn’t it?

In reality, Darkness isn’t.

If it is, were you would be able to make Darkness Darker, wouldn’t you?
Professor : So what is the point you are making, Young Man ?
Student : Sir, my point is your Philosophical Premise is flawed.
Professor : Flawed ? Can you explain how?
Student : Sir, you are working on the Premise of Duality.

You argue there is Life and then there is Death, a Good GOD and a Bad GOD.

You are viewing the Concept of GOD as something finite, something we can measure.

Sir, Science can’t even explain a Thought.

It uses Electricity and Magnetism, but has never seen, much less fully understood either one.

To view Death as the Opposite of Life is to be ignorant of the fact that

Death cannot exist as a Substantive Thing.

Death is Not the Opposite of Life: just the Absence of it.

Now tell me, Professor, do you teach your Students that they evolved from a Monkey?
Professor : If you are referring to the Natural Evolutionary Process, yes, of course, I do.
Student : Have you ever observed Evolution with your own eyes, sir?

( The Professor shakes his head with a Smile, beginning to realize where the Argument is going )

Student : Since no one has ever observed the Process of Evolution at work and

Cannot even prove that this Process is an On – Going Endeavor,

Are you not teaching your Opinion, sir?

Are you not a Scientist but a Preacher?

( The Class is in Uproar )

Student : Is there anyone in the Class who has ever seen the Professor’s Brain?

( The Class breaks out into Laughter )

Student : Is there anyone here who has ever heard the Professor’s Brain, Felt it, touched or Smelt it? . . .

No one appears to have done so.

So, according to the Established Rules of Empirical, Stable, Demonstrable Protocol, Science says that

You have No Brain, sir.

With all due respect, sir, how do we then Trust your Lectures, sir?

(The Room is Silent. The Professor stares at the Student, his face unfathomable)

Professor : I guess you’ll have to take them on Faith, son.
Student : That is it sir . . .

The Link between Man & GOD is FAITH.

That is all that Keeps Things Moving & Alive.

Thanks to BPY, you may check this link http://www.snopes.com/religion/einstein.asp to check the source of the above “conversation”.

A Humorous Look On Creation


Women, Armpit Hair and Fat

I know, the title grabs you. If you’re not already curious about what you will be reading in a few seconds, you’re certainly feeling pretty darn uneasy about even mentioning such “taboo” subjects. It can literally be a hair-raising experience (yes, pun intended).

What is it about these highly unreasonable expectations of women? We were born with body hair (at least most of us were) and body fat in, may I say, all the right places. I am a staunch believer in the Divine Creator – Jesus Christ. Yes, I am being morally, if not politically, correct. I do believe that whatever body parts an average and “physically complete” person may have were given for a reason. I mean, seriously, mother Eve may have had more body hair and fat than we care to know!

Going back to the subject of body hair, it irks me sometimes that society (in so-called “civilized” nations) dictates that women should shave. The key word here is “dictate”. Why should women feel the pressure to shave their armpits, legs, bikini lines, etc.? They sure don’t feel that pressure in some parts of Europe and Africa!

I remember watching a TV show about actors’ bloopers. While I did agree that some actions or words were indeed embarrassing and highly inappropriate, I felt irritated that Julia Robert’s unshaved armpits at an awards show were considered horrible. It was as if she committed some serious crime instead of a social faux pas (again, a dictate of society) and must be punished for revealing a tuft of brown hair underneath her arms!

Don’t get me wrong – I know the benefits of shaving. But I would do it because I want to, not because someone tells me to. I would do it because it is more hygienic and because I would enjoy the sensation of smooth legs. But I will not be so quick to judge a woman who decides to do otherwise.

I do wish that society would be more forgiving of body hair. A woman with a shaved head or pink hair would be given more slack than a woman with hairy underarms or legs. Shouldn’t we be free to choose what we want to do with our body hair, whether it’s on the head or elsewhere?

And what about fat? Everyone should have a good and healthy amount of fat in one’s body. And even a little more fat (again, only when it’s still healthy) on some of our body parts should not make us or others feel like we’re committing the unpardonable sin.

There has been a lot of hype about women suffering from Anorexia Nervosa and Bulimia – and there should be! The incessant and obsessive desire to be thin has brought many women in the brink of death. And it doesn’t help when other women (and some very insensitive men) drop lines like, “You’ve gained weight”, or “You’re bigger now than when I last saw you.”

I have had my “heavier” times in the past and comments like these add to the pressure of wanting to be thin. So, in my desire to fight this ever growing trend, I bravely donned my bikini in one of the more popular beaches in the country. This was two years ago and when I saw some of our photos taken at that time, I had to agree that I was several pounds heavier than I was comfortable with. But, I never regretted wearing my bikini and I certainly felt good that my husband always loved and appreciated me despite my weight fluctuations.

The reality is that most men are forgiving of a few extra pounds here and there. Maybe they are not as forgiving of body hair in women, but we ladies should certainly try to be more forgiving of ourselves and of others. Learning to tune out crass comments and answer appropriately will also ease the unwanted pressure from the less educated masses. But being confident of who we are and where we stand in the overall scheme of things would help much more, hair or no hair.