Age Limit for Writing Jobs


With the global economy on a quick decline, I am now seeking a freelance or stay-at-home writing job to supplement my growing baking business. I have begun applying in our more popular job search engines and am at a complete loss as to why most companies set an age limit for writing positions. I mean, at most 27 years old? Do they seriously want to hire babies?

I am hitting my forties soon and am no where near senile! I do strongly believe that “older” writers have more or less mastered the written language they use, have broadened their vocabulary (colorful and idiomatic as well), and have acquired more than enough courage, jutzpah and experience to write about anything under the blazing sun!

We “older” writers have also accumulated enough written material to fill out several hard folders or several pages in cyberspace through blogs. Thanks to technology and the internet, we are now able to write and share our thoughts online, anytime. So I seriously think that companies that still require hard copies should get out of the dark ages and come into the light. Seriously!

I will continue to look for those elusive writing jobs in the hope that I will be hired, and soon. After all, I do need the pocket money.


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