A Painful Thought

Dream Big

Many people say that dreams are “free” — or that we’re free to dream. I agree with the latter. The first one is no longer true for me, because dreaming has a cost. It sometimes costs so much that it hurts. Dreaming costs us our emotions, when we get “too involved”.

Kids dream a lot — and they dream big. I envy them. Life hasn’t been so hard on them that they happily imagine all sorts of wonderful things and dream like there’s no tomorrow.

For us who have received so many disappointments in life, dreaming can be very costly. The bigger our dreams, the harder our emotions and hopes are hit when the dreams are shattered right before our eyes. Discouragement and even disillusionment set in. And before we know it, we become too afraid to dream, much less hope.

I pray for all of us who are in this pit of near despair. It’s a very unpleasant and painful place to be. May we be given enough healing to plant a spark of hope in our hearts once more.


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