The Love of a Husband

LoveThe past few months have had me witnessing the relationship dynamics between husbands and wives. And the past couple of days allowed me to see and feel the inner pain and unhappiness of a good friend because of her strained relationship with her husband. She is not the type to brood and she would rather keep busy and chat with friends instead of dwelling on her inner turmoil.

I know that they love each other. But many times, other less important issues get in the way and simply blow the love off. In their case, their faith is being challenged by a menagerie of religious views and doctrines from all directions. While her husband stubbornly insists on a few selected church doctrines and following espoused views to the letter, my friend simply but determinedly holds fast to the truth of God’s love. She admits to being simple in her faith and not being “bright enough” to argue with her husband on religious dogma. And she strives to live by the biblical scripture on 1 Corinthians 13, also known as the “love chapter”.

I may be a tad simplistic, but I do hold fast to the truth that love always comes first. When minor (or major) disagreements come up, I believe in holding the issue up against the barometer of love. In the end, the issues fade against the power of love. It’s that simple, yet that profound.


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