Packing Woes

It’s happening again… another trip with my husband that involves an airplane. I love going with my husband on his trips simply because it gives me the chance to be with him and experience everything with him. But one thing I don’t relish is packing.

I don’t enjoy packing and I look at it as one of those lesser evils. I just thank my very organized mom and sis that I somehow have some of those organizational skills which make packing less of a nightmare. It especially worries me when I end up packing way into the night resulting in my lack of sleep. I get antsy when I lack sleep, and I need to get in at least a full eight hours. And I especially dislike (hate seems to be too strong a word) very early flights because they totally kill the wonderful sleeping experience!

Today was a huge success for me, though, because I was able to pack all my stuff plus my husband’s stuff in just a little over an hour — this morning! So I have some time tonight to rest and maybe get to bed earlier. I really look forward to sleeping right now.

So, I will be away for a while and won’t be able to write as much. But I’ll be looking out for interesting things to blog about when we return home. Meanwhile, I need my sleep…


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