Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff

We have heard this phrase a thousand times and have quoted it even more. But have we really – I mean, really – stopped sweating the small stuff?

I am a worrywart. Yup, that’s me! I believe it has something to do with personality type and temperament. Perhaps most of you are familiar with these personality and temperament tests. Well, I have taken a lot of them, and more than once, too!

My mother was a worrywart at some point and a neat-nick! She passed away several years ago but her “discipline” is ever present with me and my sister. Just to give you some of her “household tips”:

Ø Clean the house, furniture and windows everyday (they should always pass the “finger-swipe test”).

Ø Clean and wipe the soles of all shoes (everyday) before keeping them.

Ø Arrange all bottles, cans and boxes according to height and with labels facing out. This is also applicable to items in the refrigerator and bookshelves. Keyword: Aligned.

Ø Items inside all cupboards and cabinets must be neatly arranged at all times.

Don’t get me wrong – she was a good mother and never really gave us a hard time with these things. She just did them and set the example for us to follow. But she did worry if these chores were not done according to her well-planned schedule!

Needless to say, my sister is the mirror-image of our mother in this area. I believe they coined the words “worrywart” and “neat-nick” in the first place! Me, I’m just a faded reflection of that image – but with a striking resemblance, nevertheless.

My sister never left her dishes undone and worried endlessly about them – until she realized it wasn’t worth the effort. Her health and well-being were ultimately more important than a stack of dishes left overnight. Well, at least one night!

I’m getting ahead of myself here, but let’s just say she began to realize that there was more to life than getting her house in order. There will always be chores to be done – they just never end! It’s a vicious cycle that sucks the fun-life out of any housewife. True? Life has its priorities and we just need to figure out if our priorities are aligned with the eternal priorities like expressing love, preserving relationships and appreciating the wonders of creation.

So what if unexpected (and uninvited) guests come and find your dirty dishes dripping with spaghetti sauce all over the table and kitchen sink? Have a good laugh and tell them what a wonderful blessing it is to have spaghetti all over the place! Even Italy doesn’t stand a chance!

So what if you’re caught by your friends in the middle of sorting through your junk and you look like you need some major personal dusting yourself? Strike a funny pose in front of the mirror and start asking them why today’s fashion never caught up with yours. It might even get them going on some unique styles of their own!

So what if your husband and kids don’t put back their stuff in their proper places once in a while? You can always make a project of it and share the clean-up experience. Or you can always ignore it (for now) and decide to enjoy their utter dependence on you.

So what if some people like you and some don’t? That’s reality. It’s not a pleasant thing, but it’s just how things are for now. We cannot always be people-pleasers – we’d rather be God-pleasers! I know I would!

So what?

So, don’t sweat the small stuff!

The world will continue to turn and life will go on whether we worry or not.

There is more to life than getting yourself buried under needless worry!


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